American Circuit

Rigid, Rigid-Flexible, and Flex
Maximum Number of Layers: 32
Maximum Board Thickness: 0.300"+
Minimum Board Thickness: 0.016” for Multi-Layer.
Maximum Board Length:

22” for Multi-Layer

45' for 2-layer

Maximum Board Dimensions:
Minimum Line Spacing:

0.004” for Production Runs

0.003” for Protos & certain Prod. runs

Minimum Circuit Width:

0.004” for Production Runs

0.003” for Prototypes

Minimum Hole Size: 0.004”
Maximum Outer Copper Thickness: 15 oz.
Maximum Inner Copper Thickness: 5 oz.
Maximum Warpage Allowed: 0.010 inch / inch
Maximum Registration Deviation: 0.0015”
Maximum Hole Size Deviation: 0.0005”
Maximum Pad Size Deviation: +- 10%
Maximum Trace Width Deviation: +- 10%
Blind & Buried Vias: Yes
Plugged Vias: Yes, including all methods: With Soldermask, with non-conductive epoxy and with silver. The 2 step method plating over the plugged via again is also available (According to IPC 600 F).
CEM-1: Supported
FR-4: Supported
CEM-3: Supported
Polyimides (various): Supported
BT-Epoxy: Supported
FR-406: Supported
GETEK: Supported
FR-408: Supported
Rogers: Supported
Teflon (various): Supported
Brass Substrate: Supported
Aluminum Substrate: Supported
Ammonia Etch: Supported
Petra Etch: Supported
HASL: Supported
Tin-Lead Plating: Supported
RoHS Lead-free Tin Plating: Supported
Tin-Nickel Plating: Supported
Selective Gold Plating: Supported
Nickel Plating: Supported
Hard Gold: Supported
SMOBC: Supported
Flash Gold: Supported
Wire Bondable Gold: Supported
PISM: Supported
OSP Finish: Supported
LPISM: Supported
Controlled Impedance: Supported
Embedded Resistance: Supported

Supported Base Materials

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